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Seeded by  Maestro Prof. K C JanardhanCurated by Aarthi R Nandakishore

The Seven Week Rumination Cycle has Begun!

Swachatha Swastya Samaja
Seed for Soul Mind Society Connect

The World Suicide Prevention Day Special 

September 10: Yet Another World Suicide Prevention Day has passed by, reminding us of Our Power to Say – This is Not How My Life Will End.  As a Healthy Coincidence This Week, We also sow our first seed of the Swachata Swasthya Samaja, This chapter of Saptha Beej dwells on the deeper Soul-Mind-Society connect. 

Ever since its global inception in 2003, WSPD has been an annual reminder to collate thoughts and efforts towards eradicating ‘Suicide’ from Human Experience. This has also been the global theme for two successive years now. This year, 

COVID –19: The Global Pandemic and the unfortunate death of Sushant Singh Rajput – Suicide or Murder? – have initiated louder debates, discussions and awareness campaigns on Mental Health, Depression and Suicide across various media platforms.  

Having reached significant global awareness with respect to the suicide numbers, engaging campaigns and media reportage, how sensitive are we to the real concerns and to those hiding their depressions? “Not Much!” says Bharathi Singh, a Good Friend, who has been active in the social sector for the last 25 years. She explains that Society’s inherent discomfort with Mental Health challenges remains unchanged. `Even today, Mental Health issues mean a Mental Patient’! 

For the record: The SA-MUDRA Yuva Helpline run by her NGO SA-MUDRA FOUNDATION has saved 98 students with confirmed Suicidal tendencies. January to July are the peak seasons for her & team handling the Yuva Helpline for students, youth, parents. On average, they receive 5-6 distress calls every day. 

Read on for more interesting takes and real concerns… 

Why Saptha Beej?

Our logo is designed by the Maestro after a deep thought that emanates from his experience and practising the Seven elements of handwriting, a process that begins for him with the Seven colours of the energizing sunlight, listening to the Seven notes of harmony in music that plays in his creative studio. 

Looking deep, so many factors of Seven play a vibrant yet harmonious role in every person’s life through the Seven days of the week. 

Everything begins with a thought and we seed them across various soils. Only a few take shape in a conducive environment and when nurtured with right focus and patience, they become huge trees of positive change which provide shelter, clean air and tasty fruits of livelihood year after year.  

In short, the Beej dotted with a seed in Saptha Beej is to breed refreshing thoughts, ideas and action plans, week after week – to enjoy the beauty of the rhythm of life orchestrated by Seven

Deeper into Indian mythology, the Saptha for Seven begins with a Swan – the mythological Swan Hamsa that is believed to eat pearls and separate milk from water in a mixture of both. Swan is also the vehicle of goddess Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge and creative arts. Our earnest thought and effort here is to reach out to at least one person a week who will transform themselves as the Hamsa, (*Supreme Spirit – Ultimate Reality) – known for absorbing only the good amidst the chaos in this corrupted & confusing world to get better clarity and beginning to their Future. 

Interestingly, we are also a Seven-member team here at J’s Quill Productions. 

Cheers to a New Beginning! Here’s unfolding the Seven Seeds of Saptha Beej:

*Source: Facts – Wikipedia


Savouring Serendipity
Memoirs Signature Style
Memoirs Signature Style, looking back at the journey so far alongside interviewing past influences and long time friends through J’s Connoisseurs Quill 
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Seed for A Saga
Seed for A Saga that takes you into a deeper virtual tour of this common man museum, knowing each and every item collected and curated over the years. Looking back at the journey so far alongside interviewing past influences and long time friends.
Student Spotlight
Seed for A Scintillation

Teaching is a profession that teaches all professions… Teachers open the door You Enter by Yourself… You guessed it right! This seed of Saptha Beej is our humble attempt to celebrate the real essence of Teacher’s day and probe deeper into both, the unexplored realms and the forgotten chapters of teaching. 

I am a Teacher,  I say so with Pride and Happiness. My teaching experience anchors on my students and their continuous growth in learning that expand beyond handwriting. Guiding them through the journey is my Personal Social Responsibility (PSR).  Ralph Waldo Emerson gives me yet another profound thought for the perfect lead: “The Secret of Success in Education is Respecting the Students.” 

Here’s presenting our Seed for a Scintillation – What better than a student in the spotlight, Featuring their handwritten journeys with  J’s Golden Hand. Read on our latest blog…

Aham Brahmasmi
Seed for Self Education

The literal meaning for Aham is  I – that is Constant and Ever present. The word Brahmasmi – completes it with a deeper meaning and perspective.  In short, Aham Brahmasmi is a Seed for Better Self Education 

This seed is all about preparing yourself with deeper lessons and insights from real-life experiences and from our trademark program on self-development – “Be Your Own Master”, a concept that has had an immense impact on many individuals over the years. 

The success over the years gives us the confidence to plant it as a seed to nurture the self in every cycle to help prepare for a better future, beyond COVID-19 or any other bigger names that spell destruction. 

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