Students’ Stride…Teacher’s Pride!


August 04, 1998, Karthick Kannan filled up the application form and enrolled himself for the evening sessions of the Alphabet Engineering Program (Handwriting Development Classes) conducted by Professor K C Janardhan at the Mahaveer Jain College in V. V. Puram. 

In Pic: Karthick’s first Handwritten letter sample in 1998.

He was a naive 15-year old boy, silent and had no ‘big’ ambition in life but was hardworking and regular. He completed the course in over two years and then moved on to pursue his career in the digital medium after graduation. 

Ten years later, Karthick gave the J’s Quill Group, its digital blueprint and helped in shaping and structuring the key elements of this present website. Over the years, the relationship between Karthick and his Professor bonded firm over teaching and learning from each other and remains unchanged till date. 

Today, Karthick is a successful Designer & Web Entrepreneur running his own design company, Unplugged India. His clientele includes a wide range from the A-list companies to promising start-ups.


In Pic: Karthick Kannan in August 2020.

Last 15 years, Karthick has been totally involved in the digital world and completely out of touch with his routine handwriting practice, except for the brief time that he signs on documents, jots quick notes, lists meeting agenda and creative briefs at work. However the life lessons that he learnt as a student have not been lost to this lag in practice.  

Here’s some Good News: Karthick is now back to his regular handwriting practice for a month now in preparation to join back from where he left – As a student – into the next level of Lettering & Calligraphy. This happens exactly 22 years later! The excitement, focus and energy in him have only multiplied with time. Flipside, watching him evolve over these years has been a truly enjoyable and learning experience for his Professor as well. Now Hear it All From Them:   

In Pic: (L to R) The transformation in his Handwriting.

“I started the course when I completed Class 10. I never thought about calligraphy then. An average student with a `lame’ dream and a hardcore introvert, ineffective in communication skills and had terrible handwriting – That’s who I was when I first met Professor. From there, he has been a huge influence on me,” recalls Karthick, who is based in Bengaluru. 

Somewhere he realized that his bad handwriting had some major effect on his personal and academic progress. The two-and-half-years that followed in this course, he committed himself to deeper learning, trying to correct his bad handwriting.

“I never realized that I had so many creative sides to me but this course opened up all those channels for me. I made many mistakes, still do, but the course truly enhanced my learning experience. From 55% in Class 10, I scored 80% in my Final year BCom. I was also well-noticed for my handwriting, communication skills and creativity. At one point, I rose to maintaining 26 websites for the Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Group of Educational Institutions!” 

His very first handwritten sample still embarrasses him and so does his recent practice post the long sabbatical but that’s what completes him as a creative individual. “I was introduced to typography in this course even before I realized my career in web design. It helped me in many Branding exercises and experiments. I follow the Parallel line alignment even now!” he says.

The biggest influence for Karthick has been his ability to communicate with clarity and confidence. Attention to detail and patience is another crucial life skills he credits to this course. 

In Pic: Karthick’s letter for Teachers Day.

The Sign-Off & Seed Gyan

“Frankly speaking, there are some things I really cannot pay back in life, like this experience with Professor. Given our financial situation those days, we really couldn’t afford the fee but Professor enrolled me and till date he continues guiding me without expecting anything in return. The writing experience, the unconditional love and commitment I received through this course… I truly can’t quantify. I truly miss those college days writing notes, letters and certificates in beautiful handwriting and receiving so much love for it,” comes the quick sign off message from Karthick who is eager to catch up on from where he left in Handwriting and Lettering.

Here’s wishing him all the very best in his future plans with Calligraphy. As for Professor’s Seed Gyan: Together, we Grow as Teacher and Student is the message we wish to leave you with here. See you next week with another Seed. Happy Teachers’ Day!

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Student Spotlight


  • My father used to say, “You don’t need to say, ‘He is a poor teacher! Just say that he is a teacher and we all will know that he is poor!!” In those days, teaching was a noble profession and education was not for sale! Consequently a teacher lived under dire circumstances and was pleased with his status! KCJ is one such exemplary character that he has helped so many to learn the skills of handwriting, without benefitting himself! Kudos to J!

  • I congratulate Mr.Karthick for his successful career. Generous,Passionate K.C Janardhan Sir has his vast support and blessings on him. Mr. Karthick’s coming back will surely inspire many others.

  • That’s super inspiring. In times like this, it’s often easy to forget the good and tunnel vision into the bad. But every once in a while, things like this remind to take joy in even the little things.

  • Amazing transformation. Mr.Karthik has come a long way with dedication and perseverance.
    The respect and love he nurtures for his professor is commendable..

  • What an excellent read! Seldom does one come across blogs of this nature (stature, more so) – rich in content, lucid in presentation, just enough to whet the appetite and leaving the heart yearning for more. If there is a digital equivalent of the term “page-turner” , then, this certainly is one.

  • Quite inspired….by the dedication of teacher and the student…..I am sure more students will learn the beautiful art of calligraphy.

  • Truly an inspirational story, A story which tells about the student’s quest to learn and a teacher’s contribution to teach and guide about knowledge and walk of life.
    Handwriting people say define their character this story is an exact depiction of the same.

  • Student’s desire to learn and Teacher’s dedication to teach are very important for a “Learning” to happen and this happened here and is an inspiration to others to believe in the effectiveness of education and the satisfaction it gives. Congratulations to both, the teacher and the student. Keep it up👍👍

  • Karthik’s letter is on Ode to The Teacher. Few Words, but impactful. Says a lot.
    Very well articulated and inspirational blog from among the many that I look forward to!

  • When I opened and read and reread the letter by Mr. Karthick Kannan, I started wondering how and why this letter has found it’s way here. But soon I got the answer and it was inspiring to know his journey. And I wish Mr. Karthick Kannan all the best.
    Mr. Janardhan’s perseverance and dilligence in instilling skills and confidence in his students is really amazing!
    All my best wishes to Mr. Janardhan in his noble journey of skilling young people in the almost forgotten art of Calligraphy!

  • “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” ….. I find karthick still has the urge and curiosity to learn and explore more in calligraphy, All the Best Karthick.

  • Very inspirational Sir! Handwriting is an art that has to be mastered like any other art form. You set an example of patience, perseverance, dedication and inspire of all of us. Thank you!

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