Legendary Maestro Prof. K.C. Janardhan’s 30 years of experience in diverse topics and his research around the world culminates into books and videos for the benefit of fellow humans across the globe.

He co-authored the first-ever book on handwriting in the Asia-Pacific region in 1992 published by Panther Publishers Bangalore. D.K. Jain, President of Luxor Pen Co., was very impressed about the book and he underwrote 10,000 copies which were sold all over India in 1993. Even today it is considered as the only reference book in handwriting by many teacher training institutes across the country.

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The Maestro is momentarily working on 16 titles covering Handwriting with an innovative approach to encourage the habit of handwriting among the young and the old in this digital age for posterity.

He is also parallelly working on 3 titles covering Management and Self-Development through a sport in an exciting and absorbing manner for the young and the middle-aged.

His Autobiography in three parts captures his struggles with Epilepsy and fight against the social stigma surrounding it. His unusual career in his chosen fields fighting the socio-economic barriers through autodidactism is influential, inspiring and motivating people across the globe to achieve success against all the odds.

With his multi-dimensional talents, he is an author-preneur, who writes, designs and edits his work and publishes it himself.

Look out for the launch announcements of each of these books.