Your heritage walk into Bengaluru’s old Fort area now introduces a unique museum of Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens & other Writing Instruments. “J’s La Quill” is a museum inside a residence facing the Summer Palace of Tippu Sultan and set in the heart of the Bangalore Fort, a heritage site amidst a lot of history in Bangalore.

About The Museum

At the entrance of “J’s La Quill ”, you will find the street name-plate “Baker Street” with Sherlock Holmes…which depicts that the Handwriting & Calligraphy Maestro hails from one of the earliest generations of Bakers in Bangalore and he is a Questioned Document Examiner who is into Forgery Detection.

As you ascend the steel & wooden stairs, you will notice an array of information on the walls, and when you enter the first level, you will see street name-plate which says “Downing Street” as number 13 is missing on the street in London, it is depicted here. The small reception section showcases his student’s work and the proposed gift shop. 

You will see a door which says “PRIVATE”, it leads to the Maestro’s Studio, where the currently the entry is prohibited. 

As you ascend to the second level, the walls will have unique displays. At the entrance of the Museum, Library, Gallery and the Training centre you will be greeted by a board “Houses of Parliament” SW1, signifying the Maestro’s connection with the British Houses of Parliament, where he represents Karnataka as the Vice-Chairman of British South India Council of Commerce conducting business meets at the British Houses of Parliament.

The second level will greet you with a pleasant fragrance and western classical music stimulating your right brain to relax you. If you are interested to know more about the music connection, please ask for the explanation at the Museum.

Every part of “J’s La Quill” has been created to bring in various elements of Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy and other related objects from distinct parts of the world, personally collected by the Maestro from USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, India, the Far East, Australia & New Zealand in the last 30 years, to create this unique experience.

The theme is European starting with Italian as Italic handwriting forms the base (Roman) which is taught by the Maestro. British because they brought English to India and the Maestro’s connections to UK for his research work on this subject during the late 90’s and being a Rotary International’s Cultural Ambassador to the UK in 2001 during which he also became the first and the only Indian to teach Power Handwriting to the British at County Schools, Museums & Libraries at Oxford, Warwickshire, High Wycombe, Marlow and other places. 

French, are a part of the current descendants of the British Royal Family, is from the Duke of Normandy,

better known as “William the Conqueror” from  France. Art and its expressions are so beautiful in France and the rest of Europe,

the word “Connoisseur” in J’s Connoisseur’s Quill Ltd. and “La Quill” in J’s La Quill is French.

The detailing, colours used in the interior, the displays, signboards, the designs used in every part, including the small pantry and the grand throne(the washroom), the music that flows, the aroma that emanates, the exotic flavoured green teas that are served, the exercises that are practised to perfect the skills in Handwriting and Calligraphy, appeal to your visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and the kinaesthetic senses culminating into “an out of the world experience”.

You can visualise the deep passion with which the museum has been created painstakingly to showcase several timeless emotions behind every artefact that has been displayed. 

This is a vision built into existence for Legendary Calligraphy Maestro K.C. Janardhan, who is the Collector, Creator & Curator of this Museum. The objective of the museum is to preserve the art form of Handwriting, Lettering & Calligraphy in its pure and original style and provide clarity regarding the 7 Elements by showcasing numerous informational documents, examples of writing, instruments etc., for the coming generations to come, witness, and experience the power of writing in this digital age. Myths are busted, and the truth is revealed to preserve the habit of writing alive, for posterity. The Museum is a portion of the ancestral & heritage property of the Maestro.

The Italian section of the museum was inaugurated by the Italian Ambassador His Excellency Lorenzo Angeloni

and Shri D.H. Shankaramurthy, Chairman-Karnataka Legislative Council of Karnataka on the 4th of February 2016.

The British Section the Museum was inaugurated by British MP Shri.Virendra Sharma from Ealing Southall, London. The museum has been visited by a few high profile personalities like Mr Simon Brier, the chief of United Kingdom Trade & Investment in Bengaluru,

Mr Marc Drew – Sr. Vice President of Rolls Royce, Mr.Dominic McAllister, British Deputy High Commissioner and many others.

You are welcome to experience the uniqueness of this small,

but the world’s one of its kind Museum.