“It is your once in a lifetime opportunity to be empowered by the Maestro.”

“Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability”.
~ Marcus T. Cicero

Every individual is born with multiple abilities and talents…unfortunately majority of them go undiscovered and many individuals end up being a square peg in a round hole or a round peg in a square hole leading to dissatisfaction, frustration, stress and depression which affects the quality of work and life of an individual having a ripple effect in the industry, corporate, society, nation and the world.

Though we are living in a digital age and travelling on the information highway, many individuals are more confused than ever before about themselves, their career and their future in this ever-changing, fast-paced world.

There is an umpteen number of personality development courses. Regrettably, they have not identified the true personality of an individual and help them chart a course of action for their future. Having come across a large number of such individuals, who are academically well qualified, and have attended many personality development courses, but unfortunately, they are not sufficient. This has made them redundant. The irony is the individuals, as well as the corporates, have failed to realise that these same individuals could be productive with exceptional performance when their true potential is identified and channelised.

We are inspired by the great personality called Leonardo da Vinci, who in his lifetime, discovered his numerable abilities and talents and honed them to perfection. His expertise in each field is evident by his performance, which has stood the test of time.

We believe that each one of you is like Leonardo da Vinci, but some of you are like “sundials in the shade”, as Benjamin Franklin said. 

This world needs your abilities and talents to be polished and channelised so that you can maximise your potential leading to an exemplary performance every time you put your skills and talents to work. Thus resulting in personal satisfaction and excellence in whatever you choose to do.

The Great Da Vinci Training company was established to help individuals like you to discover your abilities, skills and strengths to create a road map of your life and face the unforeseen challenges thrown up by the ever-changing world.

We have formulated bespoke training programs to help you discover your inherent abilities, skills, strengths and improve them appropriately, to apply them effectively, following the demands of the professions existing in the time frames in which you live. 

A few people make things happen, and many see things happen,

The majority don’t know what is happening, and the

Rest never care whatever happens.”

Where would you like to belong…in the few… or many… or the majority…or among the rest?

If you decide to be among the few, then you are welcome to enrol in our training programs.

“The Maestro will empower you to visualise the invisible & accomplish the impossible”

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Courses by J’s Great Da Vinci Training Co.


“He is amazing with his knowledge and experience in a variety of subjects and we like the way he relates one to the other to simplify complicated subjects for us to understand”

Students of MBA,
Mount Carmel College -1993

“But for you “J” we would have never been through British Culture, we have read the text nearly 8 times but we remember your words much better, your handwritten words are as impressive as the words spoken by you, no wonder every trainee vote you as the best trainer!!!”

Reality Process from United Kingdom,
ICICI One Source - 2003

“You are indeed a great man who has inspired many upcoming great men and  women”

C.A. Institute, Bangalore 2003

“You will be missed & thought of often…. no matter where you go, you’ll be remembered with warmth”

British Telecom batch of 26 girls,
Progeon Infosys, Bangalore - 2003

“It was mind blowing, you stumped us with your knowledge, we’ll miss you a lot – Love you “J “, He is the best trainer I have had in my Life”, Cheers “J” we like the way you have given us the knowledge”

at B Sky B - 2004

“Judging a person of this calibre requires you to be excellent first, He is impeccable !” 

Trainees of British Telecom,
Hewlett Packard - 2005

“Wish!!! I ever get to see someone better, U R, A STAR!”

Trainees of British Telecom,
Hewlett Packard -2006

“An excellent faculty”, Next batches should get more of “J”s sessions, very innovative, creative fun filled, enjoyable humorous sessions, we have always looked forward to!”

Barclays Bank - 2006

“A very lively, interactive trainer, he takes you along with him, we wait for his sessions”

FedEx -2006

“Janardhan’s tremendous cultural knowledge and his sense of humour were awesome!”

British Gas -2007

“Amazing sessions, full of humour, lively, haven’t experienced anything better.” 

Expedia - 2008

“ What can we say, it is always a challenge for the HR and Training Department to give feedback of “J”, we do not know what to leave out, He manages to get a score of 9.5 on a scale of 10 consistently, Unbelievable!!! 

Deutsche Bank - 2008

“I like the content & method of your training module on “Interviewing Skills”, found it simple, interactive and effective one” 

Dhananjay Edakhe,
National manager –Sales, Novozymes -2009

“He is a walking, talking encyclopaedia, a University by himself, we have wondered how he is able to know and achieve so much. He is our inspiration and role model” 

Students Davangere University - 2009

“The session on “Be Your Own Master” presented by you was truly inspiring. It helped students like me to know the latent talents. It was an honour listening to you.” 

R.Krishna Kumar,
First year MBA, IBMR, Bangalore.

“Not sure how many of you know that KC is also fondly called ‘J’ . Here is an intellectual mind which can add value to any interaction that he is part of. Well tenured in the area of human and organisational behaviour, ‘J’ is deeply insighted and throws light from a totally different dimension on a case. I still remember the development workshop in interviewing skills that he ran for senior management. The role of a panelist and the importance of handwritten material in an interview or an assessment centre /development centre was very powerfully presented by him. After the workshop he had a lot of leaders taking turns and waiting to discuss with him the challenges they faced and approaches they should take etc., I will personally never forget the advice he gave me on handwriting development and cursive writing norms with respect to my daughter!Thank God for ‘J’ and intellectuals like him! I wish him all the very best in all his efforts.”

Reena Emmanuel,
Manager Training & Development, Novozymes, Bangalore - 2009.

“There’s only one word to describe Jai (as he is fondly known) – outstanding! Very rarely do you come across such a person who is knowledgeable, resourceful and willing to share knowledge! He has amazing training skills and years of experience. At the same time, he is down to earth. Each time you meet him, you learn something. Also, I must say he is an extremely humorous person . God bless him and may his tribe increase!” 

Sateesh Padmanabhan,
Manager L&D, 24/7 Inc., Bangalore -2010

“Excellent calligraphist, Out of the box thinker, Believes in what he does and does what he believes.” 

Ajay Badiger,
Manager, KPMG Global Delivery Centre, Bangalore - 2010.

“This is to certify that Mr. K.C.Janardhan , visiting faculty, Canara Bank School of Management Studies, Bangalore University, Bangalore  has delivered special lectures on Self Discovery/ Be your own master besides regular classes on Managerial Communication for our MBA Students. Mr. K.C.Janardhan is also actively engaged not only in academic activities but also associated with confidential work such as question paper setting,  evaluation and assessment of Project Dissertation and conducting viva voce examination. Mr. K.C.Janardhan has been considered as one of the best teachers by the students of our Department in the area of content development and effective delivery in the classrooms.” 

Professor, Dean & Director, Canara Bank School of Management Studies, Bangalore - 2011

“KCJ is excellent in his work, viz., calligraphy, British Culture Training, Communication Skills, Motivating others, Multi-lingual speaker, and is a great friend! I have no hesitation in recommending this genuine human being for any other similar activity which he may be asked to perform. Dr. Kalyani Rangarajan and I wish him all the very best in all his endeavours!”

Executive Director at ISBR Group, Bangalore - 2012

“Be Your Own Master” has taught us what School, College and University has failed to teach us. Your course is a must for all students and adults above 18 years.“Your words are very strong which have made us strong in our life”. “To sum up…you are an epitome of transforming “Ordinary Students and adding your extra touch to make us Extraordinary.”

Students from various MBA Colleges,
Bangalore from 1993 to 2016.