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“ You added your extra touch to ordinary students like us and made us extraordinary ones!”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Sirs like you are very few”, “We rarely find persons of your kind”

“His in-depth knowledge and vast experience to simplify this subject with simple exercises is evident!”

“He meets every trainee personally and helps them with their problems and needs”.

“It was awesome. As a teacher, I found important inputs to be taught to students who are desirous to improve their writing ability”.

“Excellent, Superb, no words to express”.

“A beautiful experience! after this I am looking forward to the enjoyment of a long term association with handwriting, aspiring to become a good Calligrapher”.

“Excellent programme, this should be made mandatory for all school students as well as for School Teachers”

“Worth recommending to others who need genuine help because it is more than double your money’s worth”

“He is a Magician in handwriting”. “He is the God of handwriting”

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