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“It is your once in a lifetime opportunity to be empowered by the Maestro.”

“The only Indian to teach Power Handwriting to The British & The Rest of The World.”

“Desi Ustad teaches English Dons.” – Deccan Herald, 25th June 2001.

“This Indian taught the English how to write.” – Times of India, 1st September 2001.

We have been delivering world-class training with unmatched quality and perfection through our :

Seminars    ♣ Workshops   ♣ Long Term Courses

We have been empowering people to understand the cause of bad handwriting and reasons for ineffective remedies.

“Bad Handwriting is a Sign of Imperfect Education” – Mahatma Gandhi

Intelligent students obtain low marks, and average students fail in exams due to bad handwriting. It has driven several students towards self-doubt, followed by inadequate actions and has pushed them towards depression. A few unfortunate individuals have headed into a downward spiral resulting in suicide.

Improve your handwriting, to avoid depression and suicide.

J’s Golden Hand supports SA-MUDRA FOUNDATION in preventing depression & suicides.

We have been presenting the most powerful solutions in handwriting improvement, synchronising ancient learning and wisdom, including modern techniques through dedicated research culminating into a methodical and systematic approach for a natural and logical progression.

Our courses are devised with an obsession for perfection and passion with individual attention, which has been experienced and endorsed by our trainees and students from various walks of life. Many of our students have obtained state ranks and distinctions in their school and college exams. We have been training Parents, Teachers, Headmasters, Principals, Inspectors of Schools and Students above 14 years of age in Handwriting, Lettering & Calligraphy through constant research.

Courses Offered by J’s Golden Hand:

For General Public:

♣ 1. Seminars on “ Power Handwriting” – One to Three Hours (Click here for course details)

♣ 2.  Workshop on Power Handwriting & The 7 Elements – Two Days (Click here for course details)

♣ 3. Alphabet Engineering Programme – One Year (Click here for course details)

For Parents, Teachers, Headmasters, Principals and Inspectors of Schools:

After attending the two-day workshop on The 7 Elements of Handwriting and concluding the Alphabet Engineering Programme. Parents, Teachers, Headmasters, Principals and Inspectors of Schools can proceed to the higher levels mentioned below:

♣ 4. Alphabet & Physical Problem Locator Programme – One Year (Click here for course details)

♣ 5. Alphabet & Physical Problem Solver Programme – One Year (Click here for course details)

On successful completion of the above two courses, you will be certified as a “Handwriting Master Trainer.”

Lettering & Calligraphy Courses:

♣ 6. Alphabet Architecture Programme – Two Years (Click here for course details)

♣ 7. Calligraphy with Spiritual Dimension – One Year (Click here for course details)

(Including Management, Soft Skills & Internship to become a Professional Calligrapher)

It is your once in a lifetime opportunity to be empowered by “The Legendary Calligraphy Maestro”.

Some of our student’s Handwriting – Before & After the course.

“ You added your extra touch to ordinary students like us and made us extraordinary ones!” 

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Sirs like you are very few”, “We rarely find persons of your kind”

“His in-depth knowledge and vast experience to simplify this subject with simple exercises is evident!”

“He meets every trainee personally and helps them with their problems and needs”.

“It was awesome. As a teacher, I found important inputs to be taught to students who are desirous to improve their writing ability”.

“Excellent, Superb, no words to express”.

“A beautiful experience! after this I am looking forward to the enjoyment of a long term association with handwriting, aspiring to become a good Calligrapher”.

“Excellent programme, this should be made mandatory for all school students as well as for School Teachers”

“Worth recommending to others who need genuine help because it is more than double your money’s worth”

“He is a Magician in handwriting”. “He is the God of handwriting”