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What Our Clients Say

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We at the Oberoi, Bangalore would like to thank you for the wonderful work carried out during our opening. In spite of a short notice, a steep deadline you have produced calligraphy of a very high order.”

Biswajit Chakraborty,
Sales Manager - The Oberoi, Bangalore -1992

“Mr.K.C.Janardhan has undertaken calligraphy work for Wipro GE, and we are happy to state that the Quality of work was found to be very good.”

Rekha Kurup,
Sr.H R Excecutive Wipro GE Medical Systems, Bangalore -1993

“Mr.K.C. Janardhan has been our Calligrapher for 3 years writing name boards, certificates, delegate badges and OHP slides, which have won appreciation from all our members who attended the Bangalore Management Association Programmes.”

Manager BMA -1993

“I would like to express my pleasure at the work done by you for us. The certificates written by you turned out to be well appreciated to whoever it was given.”

Tanmoy Majumder,
Manager retailing -TITAN Watches, Bangalore -1993

“We wish to record our appreciation for the excellent calligraphy work that you have done for us. We are glad to revise the rate from Rs.10/- to Rs.20/- for each Training Certificate.” 

Sriram Subramanian,
Asst. Personnel Manager - Britannia Industries Ltd., Bangalore - 1994

Let me thank you for the excellent work done on the teaser campaign for Channel (V). In fact, I would like to share with you some of the observations made by the people who received the cards. Almost all of them had pinned the cards on to their soft boards in front of their desks staring at their names written in a style which is absolutely your own. To quote,

“I’ve never seen my name written so well in my life.”                   

Rajnath Kamath,
Sales Manager- STAR TV, Bangalore - 1994

“This is to certify that Mr. K.C. Janardhan has done a very large calligraphy job for our organisation and the quality of work is good. The single most positive aspect of Mr. Janardhan’s work is his commitment to Quality Quality and timely delivery. We have seen examples of his initiative to satisfy our requirements.” 

Hank Henderson,
Manufacturing Business Manager - MOTOROLA, Bangalore - 1995

“Indeed your response time to our request for the name tag for the Cricket World Cup was amazing! In fact, even the speed did not hamper the quality of the tag. The STAR TV personnel and cricketers preferred to keep it as mementoes and use it during roadshows. Even Clive Lloyd and Ross Edwards were very enamoured by it!”

Rajnath Kamath,
STAR TV, Bangalore -1996

“We are extremely pleased to be associated with you for obtaining calligraphic services for the past two years. We used your services to add the personal touch in writing names of the customers on certificates. We sincerely appreciate your contribution to MicroUniv in this respect.”

Vivek Padubidri,
Business Manager - MICROLAND LTD. Bangalore - 1997

“At the outset please accept my heartfelt thanks for calligraphing our Invitation cards for the Annual Top Agents Awards Ceremony conducted by Cathy Pacific Airways. The calligraphy was highly appreciated & acclaimed by all invitees.”

Sarala Vasudevan,
Sales Manager CATHAY PACIFIC, Bangalore - 1999

“This is to place on record our sincere appreciation for the excellent calligraphy work done on our “Employee Day” Certificates and Appreciation letters. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to us when several recipients came back and asked us whether their names were custom printed! This definitely is a compliment for your talent and expertise.”

Operations Manager - The Document Company XEROX, Bangalore. - 2000

Thank you very much for the efforts you took to write the details on 772 number of certificates. Your Calligraphy skills are outstanding. We must place on record our sincere appreciation for your efforts.”  

Managing Director, Mercuri Goldman (India) Pvt. Ltd. - 2000

“With natural Calligraphic & Creative Skills, Janardhan had done a commendable job for us and his work was well-received by all. In fact, our managing Director has also appreciated the work done by him. We highly rate his quality of work.”

Head Human Resources - Yokogawa Blue Star, Bangalore. - 2000.

“We, at The Oberoi, Bangalore would like to Thank you very much for the wonderful work carried out for the past 8 years. The certificates written by you were appreciated by all our employees during the Annual Day Celebrations.”

Sarat Chandran,
Manager HRD- The Oberoi , Bangalore. - 2000.

We at KLM/Northwest Airlines, Bangalore appreciate and recognise the excellent work executed by Mr. K.C. Janardhan of The Connoisseur’s Quill. With his well trained Calligraphic Skills, Janardhan had done a commendable job for us and his work was well received by all for our Top Sales Award functions we held across South India in 2000 – 01.”

Manager Passenger Sales, KLM / Northwest Airlines, Bangalore 2001.

As an eminent Calligrapher Mr. K.C. Janardhan has authored 400 odd PG Diploma Certificates awarded to our students since 1993, which has received wide appreciation from everyone of us”

Dr. S. Ramesh,
Dean Mount Carmel Institute of Management, Bangalore. - 2001

This is to certify that Mr. K.C. Janardhan had worked with us as a Calligrapher. He did a wonderful work on a war footing by completing 52 certificates between early morning 2.00 a.m. to 8.00a.m. for our client “Bangalore Realtors Association, India. His work was appreciated by our client and they still amber the “excellent” jobs done by him.His hard work and efficiency are his assets and he will be beneficial to any company”

Director - OYESTERS Advertising Pvt. ltd. -2001

This is to acknowledge that Mr.K.C.Janardhan of Connoisseur’s Quill has done a very large Calligraphy job for our organisation. During the last eight years he has written a variety of certificates issued by us for our Sales, Dealer and Long Service Awards. We have found that he is committed to quality and timely delivery. His work has been highly appreciated and remembered” 

Sai Papineni,
Sr.Manager Events, Mc.Dowell & Co. ltd., THE UB GROUP, Bangalore - 2001

“I wish to commend Mr. K.C. Janardhan whom I have known for the last decade wherein I have seen him carve a niche for himself in handwriting and calligraphy field. Janardhan is a healthy combination of both an artist and a professional. He has made handwriting a fine art and he transacts business in a most professional manner. His interpersonal verve and attention to details coupled with diligence make him a very reliable person, who can handle responsibilities”

Emmanuel David,
Head Human Resources & Admin.-VOLVO India Limited, Bangalore - 2001

“Mr. Janardhan has been our Calligrapher for the certificates handed over to our participants at the end of the K-10 Foundation Course since December 1999. The quality of his work is excellent and worthy of appreciation. He has always been very prompt in delivery, taking personal interest in each consignment, which speaks volumes of his commitment and dedication”

Ms. Meera Krishnappa,
Training Co-ordinator, SCHOOLNET, Bangalore - 2001

“It is my privilege to know Mr. K.C. Janardhan of Connoisseur’s Quill. I am quite amazed at his calligraphic skills. Our college has utilised his services as a Calligrapher. He is a man possessed by an obsessive zeal to spread the art of Calligraphy.” 

Dr. T.V. Narasimha Rao,
Dean, St.Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Bangalore - 2001

“This is to certify that Rtn. K.C. Janardhan designed and wrote the condolence card sent by the Rotarians of six Rotary Clubs of District 3190 to the President of United States of America on the first anniversary of the attack on World Trade Centre on 11th September, expressing our sympathy to the victims and our solidarity in supporting the global fight against terrorism”. 

Rtn.H.Rajendra Rai,
District Co-ordinator Rotary International Services, Bangalore - 2002

“Dear Shri. Janardhan, During the prestigious 46th All India Police Duty meet -2002 (AIPDM) held in Bangalore, you were approached for writing the certificate to be issued to the winners of various competitions. The certificates written by you were so beautiful that they impressed one and all. What is more, you were very enthusiastic and completed the job as a labour of love which impressed me the most. Your deep commitment to the field of calligraphy was all too evident during my interaction with you. I would like to place on record your sincere service to the Police Department during the AIPDM.”

I.P.S. Addl. Director General of Police, Bangalore - 2003

“Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar thankfully acknowledges Rtn. K.C. Janardhan of Rotary Bangalore Peenya for the excellent inscription of certificates being issued to the faculty members and delegates trained by “The Rotary Leadership Institute.”

Col.R.V. Subramaniam,
President - 2008

“Melinda and I used the services of Mr.K.C.Janardhan for our Wedding Invitations. We were extremely impressed by his professionalism and Penmanship. All our guests commented on the beautiful handwriting”

Tye Milson Atkinson
BioFuel Consultant (AUSTRALIA) to KSRTC, Bangalore - 2008

“During the prestigious 52nd All India Police Duty meet -2008 (AIPDM)held in Bangalore, you have contributed by writing the certificates for the winners of various competitions to add glory to the meet. the 800 odd certificates written by you were very impressive ad very attractive. Your enthusiasm to complete the job & dedication I place on the record. Your deep commitment to the field of calligraphy is exemplary & my appreciation for the services rendered. I place on a record by this commendation letter.”

Dr. Rajvir P. Sharma I.P.S.
Inspector General of Police, Karnataka State Police & Organising Secretary - 2009

“We write to you for your kind assistance in writing the names of our Rotarians on the Certificates. I must congratulate you on your special skill of writing. It looks beautiful on the Certificates and our Rotarians have loved it”

Varada Murthy K.S.
President, Rotary Bangalore Mega City - 2009

A fine human being. Good person to deal with. We had hired his services for PR work in Bangalore. Great contact. His calligraphy services are also par excellence. Still in touch with him.”

V S R P Adusumilli,
CEO, URVIE’ s Projects, Hyderabad - 2009

We hired Janardhan to do all the calligraphy for our wedding invitations as well as placement cards for the dinner. We were very happy with the results and received a complement of how beautiful our envelopes and placement cards looked. If we ever need a calligrapher, I will definitely be connecting Janardhan again.”

Victoire Harth,
Event Co-ordinator, Switzerland - 2010

Excellent calligraphist, Out of the box thinker, Believes in what he does and does what he believes.”

Ajay Badiger

In the age of keyboards, writing by hand is seldom resorted to. Clean running handwriting is a further rarity and much more is calligraphy. That’s how I met Janardhan whose artistry with the quill and ink is superb – he has a passion for calligraphy. Of course, he is a multi-faceted person who is a delight to meet. 

Harish Jagtiani,
President, Intermark Corp, Bangalore. - 2010

Known Janardhan for over fifteen years. He has walked a different path by earning a living out of something people said no one could earn a living from and that is “handwriting”. He has definitely earned the title “man with a golden hand” as I know of no other person who has made a living out of handwriting.”

Daniel Pacheco,
Innovative Entrepreneur, Bangalore - 2012

We hired Mr. Janardhan to do the calligraphy for our wedding invitations. We were very happy with the professional way in which Mr Janardhan carried out the work as well as with the result. He is a very professional calligrapher who highly values client relationship. If we ever need a calligrapher again, we will definitely be contacting Mr. Janardhan. Thanks for your excellent work!” 

Linda Heftler,
IT sourcing Responsible at H & M, Stockholm, Sweden - 2012

“I know Mr.Janardhan when I was working for Camlin. In 1992 when I saw his handwriting I was completely obsessed with his talent. I was looking for a guru who can give some guidelines on how to improve one’s own handwriting. His guidelines were really helpful to me when I began conducting Handwriting Competitions in Schools. Whenever few teachers asked me how to improve handwriting, I would always recommend the name of Mr.K.C.Janardhan. 

Vijay Shinde,
Regional Sales manager, Kangaroo Group of Industries, Bangalore -2013

He is a versatile man. His calibre in Calligraphy is unparalleled. Today my son who is studying in Engineering has a passion for Calligraphy. He gets an invitation from his erstwhile school to write some slogans aesthetically. I introduced my son to Calligraphy. In fact, the man behind my son’s talent is Mr. K.C. Janardhan. There may be quite many like my sons who have been motivated to write beautifully. Their handwriting must have created a far-reaching impact on those who have seen & have appreciative value. I have attended quite many training sessions conducted by Mr. K.C. Janardhan 15 years back & happy that he still carries the same zeal & enthusiasm in the field of “Handwriting” even today. He is a rare species on this earth.

Vijay Shinde,
Regional Sales manager, Kangaroo Group of Industries, Bangalore -2013

“Janardhan is not just a Master Calligrapher, but also a patient mentor and passionate teacher of the lost art of fine handwriting. He shares with his students his vast knowledge brought by years of experience. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.”

Rtn.Devesh Agarwal,
Managing Director, Infomart (India) Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore - 2015

I have known Janardhan for over 2 decades and our relationship has only matured over time. He is gifted with a flair for exquisite handwriting which he deeply enjoys. A man who sticks to his commitments, I remember even in our first meeting he completed his assignment though it was past midnight and it was his birthday. He reaches out to several people and is keen on creating value through work or relationships. His outgoing nature and desire to make a positive impact have enabled him to explore uncharted territory, so I can confidently say the best is yet to come.” 

Emmanuel David,
Director Human Resources, Tata Management Training Centre, Pune - 2015

This is to certify that Prof. K.C.Janardhan has done a Copperplate Style Calligraphy piece of Sir Winston Churchill’s “My Early Life – 1874 to 1908” for Bangalore Club in April 2007. Sir Winston Churchill had penned down his experiences in Bangalore during early life. At Bangalore Club, we have created a special corner at the main foyer of the Club known as “Churchill Corner” where this Calligraphed piece is displayed. The members have appreciated the quality of Copperplate Calligraphy which was the style followed during the late 1800’s and 1900’s in England. We are sure that Prof. K.C.Janardhan would continue to create such interesting pieces of Calligraphy, to visually delight more people.             

Col. K.D Murthy(Retd),
Secretary, Bangalore Club - 2017

Dear Mr. Janardhan, We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful work carried out during my daughter Tanya Mallavarapu with Harshad Reddy’s wedding. In spite of a short notice, a steep deadline, you have produced calligraphy of very high quality. We certainly hope to avail your services in the future and I wish you all the best.”

Apparao Mallavarapu,
CMD Centum Group, Bangalore - 2017