“Our mission is to reduce and avoid forgery of signatures and important documents.”

Signatures and handwriting can be discreetly copied to seem identical cosmetically. When a thorough examination is performed to compare the intrinsic values, the variations are seen between the original and imitated writing or signature.

We have been offering classified investigative services in forgery detection and questioned document analysis to Individuals, Banks, Corporates, Lawyers, Law Firms, and few courts in India since 1990.

The Questioned Document Examiner at Work


Half a day Seminars on “How to avoid Forgery.”

For Bankers/ Financial Institutions, Corporates, Colleges / Universities and the general public, where cheques and distinct documents are still manually drafted and signed.

We are also in the course of adding how to protect oneself from digital frauds and how not to become a victim of such frauds.

Differences Between a

Signature & An Autograph.