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Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens & other Writing Instrumentends here!”

Founded by the Legendary Calligraphy Maestro Prof. K.C. Janardhan, to express his multi-dimensional abilities, talents, skills and inborn strengths through his professional services. You are welcome to click on each division, and the box flips to show you a brief description if you want to explore further you’re welcome to click on ‘Know more’ 


J's Connoisseur's Quill
Offers World-Class Professional Lettering & Bespoke Calligraphy Services.
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J’s Golden Hand
Offers a wide range of Courses in Handwriting, Lettering and Calligraphy Training
to parents, teachers and students above 14 years of age.
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J's Quill Fountain Pen Boutique (Launching Soon)
Pens personally chosen & tuned by the Legendary Maestro Prof. K.C. Janardhan for you!
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J’s Black Hat Investigations
Offers Forgery Detection & Questioned Document Examination services.
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J's Quill Chartered Valuations & Certifications

J's Quill Chartered Valuations & Certifications
Launching Soon
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J’s Great Da-Vinci Training Co.
Offers Bespoke training to empower confused, frustrated and burnt out youth and middle-aged individuals, to become masters of their lives.
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J’s Quill Publishing Co.
Legendary Maestro Prof. K.C. Janardhan’s 30 years of experience in varied subjects and his research around the world culminates into books and videos for the benefit of fellow humans across the globe.
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J’s La Quill Museum
A museum, showcasing Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens and other Writing Instruments with a purpose of encouraging the habit of handwriting in its pure and pristine form for posterity.
The museum is a storehouse of emotions connected to writing and writing instruments, frozen in time.
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J's Quill Auction House

J’s Quill Auction House
Launching Soon
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J’s Quill Productions
An in-house production unit creating visual content for print and digital media.
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J’s Quill Corporate Communications
Offers PR and communication services, exclusively for Fountain Pen, Ink, Pencil, Writing Instruments,
Accessories and Stationery Industry.
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J’s Quill Corporate Social Responsibility
1. J’s Altruistic Initiative
2. BFAWT – Bengaluru Fort Area Welfare Trust: Initiatives for Social Change.
3. JIFFEOC – J’s Internationational Foundation For Epilepsy & Other Challenges.
4. Supporting SA-MUDRA FOUNDATION in Youth Wellness and Suicide Prevention.
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What our Clients, Trainees & Visitors have to say.

“ But for you “J” we would have never been through British Culture, we have read the text nearly 8 times but we remember your words much better, your handwritten words are as impressive as the words spoken by you, no wonder every trainee vote you as the best trainer!!!”
ICICI One Source.
Reality Process from United Kingdom

“The session on “Be Your Own Master” presented by you were truly inspiring. It helped students like me to know the latent talents. It was an honour listening to you”

R. Krishna Kumar
First year MBA, IBMR, Bangalore.

“Your action speaks louder than words, one can see the dramatic improvements which must be helping these young people and older people too…enormously, that must have a great impact on their lives and must make them more confident people”

Graham Last
Chairman, Society of Italic Handwriting & Inspector of Schools, London, England.

“He’s a healer”

Dr. Rosemary Sasoon
Handwriting Expert, Kent, England.

“Truly a connoisseur’s collection. Well designed for creative expression. A great inspiration”

Rajnath Kamath
Former Director of CNN-IBN, VP NDTV & VP - STAR TV - India